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1. When will I know the answer after taking the test?
The test takes about one month to be analysed in a WADA-accredited laboratory. If you are tested during an event, the required time limit for the test, as set out in the rules of the event, is taken into account. (If there is such a requirement, the test is usually answered more quickly than usual).
2. How many times a year can I be tested?
The exact number of tests is not fixed, but depends on your sporting achievements and the lists of athletes to be tested by anti-doping organisations.
3. Where can I check if a certain medicine is not prohibited?
You can check your medicines on the Medicines Finder on the website, or download apps for mobile phones.
4. Can I refuse to be tested?
If you are going to be tested by anti-doping officials of an official anti-doping organisation in accordance with international testing standards, you cannot refuse to be tested or you will be charged with an anti-doping rule violation.
5. When can I come to learn how to use ADAMS?
You can arrange a suitable time by calling +370 612 35362, email or on Facebook.
6. How do I know if I need to complete ADAMS?
You need to contact us on +370 612 35362, email or on Facebook.
7. How often can I edit the information in my personal ADAMS profile?
You can edit the information as often as you need.
8. For which period is it necessary to complete the ADAMS system?
The ADAMS system is completed for one quarter of the year, i.e. 3 months. At the end of a quarter, a new quarter is filled in.
9. What is ADAMS?
ADAMS is an anti-doping administration and management system where the athlete provides his/her location and other necessary personal information.
10. What is the list of criminal substances and methods?
The List of Prohibited Substances and Techniques is an international standard that specifies which substances and techniques are prohibited in and/or out of competition. The list also indicates whether certain substances are banned in certain sports. WADA will publish the latest list of prohibited substances and methods as often as necessary, but at least once a year.
11. Can you give advice on supplements?
Taking supplements is your own responsibility. We may advise or recommend that you do not take certain supplements, as most supplements are on the Prohibited Substances and Methods List. However, the final decision is yours alone.
12. What information is required in ADAMS?
The athlete must provide the following information: contact details: postal address, telephone numbers, email address; a schedule of training sessions, including their location and timing; information about upcoming competitions; your location at night - it could be a hotel, sports centre, apartment, etc; other daily location information (in addition to the above); an hourly range of absolute availability for testing each day; For Paralympic and Super-Olympic sports, it is necessary to specify the type of disability of the athlete.

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